Making Homemade Liqueurs

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Liqueurs are great by themselves, mixed in with other drinks or as part of your favorite dessert. Unfortunately, liqueurs are rather expensive to buy. By making your own liqueurs, you will save money and always have your favorite one on hand.

Saving money certainly isn't the only reason for making your own liqueurs, it's also a fun and rewarding hobby. You'll take pride in serving your own liqueurs to quests and watching their surprise as they find how smooth and dlicious your liqueurs are. You may find they like your homemade liqueurs better than many of the commercial brands.

You also have control over the outcome of the finished liqueur. You can vary the sweetness to your tastes. You can change the alcohol vase, such as substituting brandy for vodka, rum for branding, or using some combination. When you have tired some of the basic liqueur recipes you can experiement with different spice, herb, and fruit combinations. The possiblities are endless and exciting.

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