Making Homemade Liqueurs


After sweetening is complete, pour the liquer into clean and sterilized bottles. Dark bottles are best for aging and storing. Start saving empty wine, liqueur, and beer bottles. Always make sure you have a tight fitting lid to prevent any loss of alcohol or flavor. If the bottle does not have a lide, a clean cork can be used. Fro an airtight seal, surround the cork with a double layer of plastic wrap.

Place the liqueur bottles ina cool, dark place for at least 1 month. Aging is the secret for smooth mellow liqueurs. Don't try to shorten this period as aging allows the flavors to blend and intensify, producing a better quality liqueur.

Label the bottle with the name of the liqueur and the date when the aging period began. You may want to purchase decorative labels in wine and beer making supply stores, or gourmet kitchen shops.

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